Sunday, 27 March 2011

What I am up too

Guess I wont start at the start best to say that it has been a long journey to where I am at today and tomorrow I finish the job I have had for 3 years and moving onto another challenge.

I have been a member of CPS for 3 years and for the first year I competed aggressively, entering just about every club competition I could. Now I enter internationally, salons all over the world and have recently achieved AFIAP, which is a level of competence in the International photography world. I have enough for my EFIAP but have to wait till Sept 2012 to apply, NZ is only allowed to apply for FIAP honours in Sept each year. But I still enter salons just about every week, but dont enter CPS anymore. I am a Sony user and just love my full format Alpha 850.

I recently bought myself an IMAC and holy banana splits I have gone into another world of fine art I am at present loving, I have been looking back into my archives of images and pulling old one out and playing with them, a few years ago I would take images knowing that I didn't have the skills then to achieve what I wanted , but I do today. I have also this year being doing a few weddings hope to pick up a few more next year , but my real passion is B&W fine art.
Recently I came across a book by Vincent Versace, Vincent is one of the top fine art photographers in the world and  I have found his book to be inspiring to me, it has encouraged me to look at my images through  different eyes,  ( Vision is something that lies within all of us. Whether we pursue this creative instinct is a matter of personal choice. There is a rewarding warmth that comforts the soul once you have been inspired and then create something tangible that can be shared with others, Vincent Versace).

In order to know how to get it right in the camera, which is the beginning of the process you must understand the middle and the end of the process as well. The middle of the process is the manipulation of the file in Photoshop and its end is the print , which is your voice, your Vision, Versace

I found out today another 7 acceptances from Italy, another addition to the next honours level. I got my first 3 acceptances from France Kool.
Well just back from a weekend in Hari Hari at a wonderful lodge, romantic no power candles only, great place to relax and unwind and get a few photos in, working on them at the moment but soon as I am done you will get to see them, had a time to  contemplate where I want to go with my photography, I need to focus on what I want not what I think people want, create my style and hopefully I am on my way to do this.