Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Compromise Triangle

 Compromise triangle, 
Do you use this concept when shooting, so these images below were recently shot on a Studio light workshop. We set up four different areas.
  One area had three large parabolic soft boxes, one area was natural big window light, one area was one bulb continual light in a soft box and then we had a two light set up with large beauty dish as the main light then a large umbrella to fill.

The purpose of the day was for people to play with available lights and learn about posing, using narrow DOF, the image of the young man with the dirty face was shot at F1.4, razor thin DOF as you can see, this was the effect I wanted. Shot this under continual light, so it was easy to choose F1.4 then change my speed and ISO to get the slightly high key look.

 The picture of the girl with the white hair was shot with a 5 foot parabolic soft box as the background then two other parabolic soft boxes as the side fills, it was a case of set the aperture at F8, speed 1/200th and 100 ISO, when then used the power control of the lights to get the look I wanted.
This colour image with the mouth cropped off was shot with a Beauty dish very close to the model with a reflector white very close to her chin, Shooting very close to the bottom of the beauty dish and lots of power, pretty hard on the models eyes so be careful.

 Window light was the last position, this was a very big window that I covered in a net curtain, I wanted the net curtain in the image, Zoe was dressed in a white shirt and white pants. Large white walls were placed on three sides of the area to act as a giant light ball, to add more light we used a reflector.

The object of the day was to play in a studio where very little rules applied, it was about trying stuff with guidance from me, we had five outstanding models, Georgia, Mahara, Shannon, Connor and Zoe and a makeup artist, Shelley Harvey.
During the day with the different areas used, there was an need to change settings from all the light you wanted or needed, to not much available light, changing of the setting on your camera was necessary, thus the compromise triangle, what are you going to compromise on, the DOF or the speed or do you sacrifice/compromise the quality by raising your ISO.
One thing that we did learn, when shooting in Manual mode with the flash/strobe heads the same controller was used on Nikon, Canon, Sony,  Fuji, and they fired each time.

All in all a fun day with many usable images captured an definitely something I will do again next year.