Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Its been a while

Its been a while since I last submitted a blog, shame on me, but life has just been really busy. I have been entering a lot of International comps & now have accreditation from FIAP & PSA. I am also an accredited judge for PSNZ. I have been running a lot of workshops this year with great success. Just now I am a bit on the crook side with a lung infection that has floored me, no energy, no appetite, well i could lose a bit of weight.
The last workshop was at Otematata sheep station where we captured the shearing in progress,  a lot of fun ha by all & I have another one coming up first weekend in October.
What is photography about well it s about vision without vision why do we take or make images.
It's natural to look at an image & re experience that moment. If we judge the image to be successful on that basis only, we've forgotten that the people looking at this image have no such memory. They can only be guided by the clues you give in your image.