Monday, 15 January 2018

In the process

I am in the process of preparing a presentation for Christchurch Photographic Society.
7th of February, it is a one hour presentation on "Making Better Images". 

It has been a work in progress for several weeks as I would add a slide, then delete a slide, as I tried to develop this presentation.
How do we MBI, that is a good questions and as we are all different, we need to approach this task as not a quick fix but a journey of discovery, of learning, exploring, experimenting and  being CREATIVE.
Something I have always believed is that as adults we suffer from a disease that will hold back our ability to MBI, just like the image above, it is like being behind bars and you do not have the freedom to explore, experiment and be creative as you you want. 
ADULTISM, the ability to stop having fun and being CREATIVE.
We need to let the child out and let the creativity out, for example, you go into a class room of Children and ask who can draw, all the hands will go up. Lets do the same in a classroom of adults you will be lucky to get one hand up. What has happened from childhood to being an adult, it is that disease ADULTISM.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that for ME to make better Images I need to be more childish, perhaps it would work for you , if you give the child within you a chance, you might MBI.