Wednesday, 31 May 2017


 Sometimes colour is the way to go, as much as it pains me, yes some image are better as colour than B&W. The story, vision and idea you had when you pressed the shutter was caused by the colour that presented itself in the viewfinder and to remove the distraction of colour will remove the feeling & connection  you experienced when you pressed the shutter.  By turning the image to B&W you can often change the whole story to something cold.  I tried changing these three image to B&W and I do believe I know how to do a good B&W portrait, they lost the story & vision I had for seen when I pressed the shutter. So I guess I have to admit it that, yes there is a place for colour portraiture in my images.


  1. I agree. These would look nice in B&W but wow in colour.

  2. They lose too much for me in B&W, especially Shyana in the truck.