Monday, 29 May 2017

Simplicity of an image

Simplicity of an image.
Had some interesting comments from my last post. Interesting how so many people have an opinion on someones  work and can always see room for improvement, yet their own work stays the same. Are they jealous of your creativity, Ideas or vision. You have produced work that they would love too, however do not have the time too, yet always have the time too make negative comment.  We do not need these people, however they need us, it gives them a purpose to spend time looking at our images and finding fault. Perhaps they might get the dusty camera out of the cupboard and go and capture an image, but then again, maybe the light is not just right or the sun is too high or one in a million excuses. What if they take an image and YOU who have no letters or real experience makes a comment?? An image can be simple yet effective, negative space, leaving room for the story, your story as you are the viewer.

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