Saturday, 27 May 2017

Your unique vision

 So when we think about B&W portraiture we need to consider what we are trying to say and how we want the finished image to look like. Remembering that your unique vision and the moment that caused you to press the shutter is unique to you and you alone.
We have all lived different lives and experienced life to this point by different roads and this and this point alone makes your imagery different from anyone else.
You can stand beside 6 different photographers and we will all take different images, camera, lens, setting and most important is the sensibility of the photographer who is pressing the shutter. So consider this point, a typewrite never wrote an novel or a camera has taken a great image without first having an idea or a vision.
"If it doesn't excite you the thing that you see, how in the world are you going to excite me"-
Jay Maisel.
The image of Shyana working the horseshoe is full of attitude and determination, the type of B&W imagery I enjoy.

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