Saturday, 27 May 2017

Someone's Face

Recently I have delved into a deeper study of B&W portraiture and loving where it is taking me too, the subtle use of light and in most cases, natural light and the files coming out of the camera, are allowing me to take my imagination to create the portraits I see in my head to an achievable level. Am going to achieve my ultimate B&W portrait, I feel it is closer, it might be next week now instead of next year and that is a big step Looking at someone's face, or into their eyes, without the distraction of colour can provide a stronger connection to your subject. It is not necessarily always the case, but if like me, you often feel more connected to a person in a Black & White image over a colour image, this could be the reason why. With the abstraction of colour it is purely the soulful connection with the subject. For me B&W is similar to Blues in music.

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