Sunday, 28 May 2017

One eyed

Feedback is  wonderful to receive or is it, it can be constructive criticism or is it just straight out mean and negative. A wee while ago I had a chap who lets say to be nice, did not like my work, that's fine it does not bother me. He decided that he would engage with me and explain how bad he felt my photography was, "that is your opinion" I said, he did not like my response and continued with the description of how I should not be teaching and the more I stayed calm and responded with, "that is your opinion" the madder he got, another time I do believe I would have found the little Glaswegian inside of me and gave him the infamous Glasgow kiss. He was English so lets not hold that against him. I guess what I am trying to say is you will always get knockers of your work, you as the artist and that is what we all are have to take from the criticism what you feel will add to the growth of your art, style & vision. Sometimes nothing another time a real gem of information to take you on the next step to finding the perfect image, it is important to have someone or several people who you send work too to get feedback however something to consider is that unless that persons growth is ahead of yours or equal too you will out grow them. 


  1. You'll always get the knockers Scott, it's just part and parcel. Recently I had third party feedback from someone that wouldn't even go near me as I didn't have letters after my name. Something that can be remedied. I'd prefer to build on reputation. Yours is nothing to be sneezed at.

    1. Hi Shane, I can relate to your comment many years ago ,in the days before my letters I also was given third party advice from a well lettered photographer ,now the tide has turned and the well lettered photographer is asking me advice.

  2. One eyed is right, how dare he!! Scott you know you are great, (and I know) so what he thinks does not matter, which you already know too.
    I have seen some of your students absolutely blossom with their work, after being on your courses, and are doing excellent work. So what does that tell you. The teacher must be pretty good. Keep on teaching - I wonder why you are always booked up, and have repeat students!! Could it be that you are the greatest!!

  3. Thank you Pam, very kind words ,I guess I have a passion to see others do well and will do whatever it takes to achieve this, including wearing a dress???? We are only as good as our last image and it does not matter how many letters you have after your name.