Sunday, 23 September 2012

As you look at the image

As you look at the image, think about what aspect of it you like as well as what you might like to change.Whenever you are analysing any of your images & find yourself saying, "I hate this image". before you delete it consider this it is not the image you do not like, it is the aspect of the image that you do not like. When you decided to take the image or more important you where taken by the image, something compelled you to press the shutter. In that moment you liked the image. Hopefully if you didn't like it you wouldn't have taken it would you?.So instead of abandoning the image, take a moment or two & analyse its individual components.

An article I read by Vincent Versace, though you might like, hopefully make you think a little more.

There is no such thing as the innocent eye, there certainly isn't an innocent camera.

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