Tuesday, 11 September 2012

So why Black & White

B&W gives us an artistic view of the world we live in, you remove the colour & the story has to stand out , the lines, textures & feeling come rushing to the surface if they are there. Too many people think that if the image is a lousy colour image it will make a good B&W wrong on so many levels. A good B&W will stop you in your tracks faster & hold your attention longer than any Colour image, that is due to the emotional impact that B&W has over us. If we think when we see in B&W it is night time, when are we at our most vulnerably at night, there are animals who see better at night & can kill us, so B&W causes a primal emotion within us. For me B&W is the purist form of photography & is far harder to achieve & achieve well. more on  B&W to follow.

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