Thursday, 18 October 2012

It's not easy being an artist

It's not easy being an artist, a follow on from yesterdays blog. I work very hard trying to achieve a level of photography that is pushing my bounds & the people who judge it. I expect the people who judge my work to take the time to look & see what I am trying to say to them ,some get it some dont. As judges & I have a done a bit over the last 2 years, we need to give the artist the respect to spend the time to try & understand what they are saying with there art work they have asked you to judge. We suffer from self doubt as an artist does, so we dont need needless criticism just for the hell of it. That's enough of this.

Lets produce art that we enjoy, why should we produce work to  please others, isn't it about the pleasure we get in the process we went through to come to the final image, the print. The enjoyment for us is often the process we went through, creating the image, from the initial capture to the post production to that magical moment when you go ,that's it, it feels like putting on sunglasses on a sunny day. Go for it.

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