Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Practice before a performance?

 "Grit, the stubborn refusal to quit, is the single best predictor of success. There's on feature that sets highly successful creative people apart from the rest of the pack. Single minded dedication and resolve to push through in spite of all obstacles-aka-"grit"- is what drives great achievement. In other words, how you react to the inevitable failures along the way will be an important indicator of the end game"- Jonah Lehrer, Imagine: how creativity works.
 Everyone wants the secret recipe to create successful work it is really simple, we can all achieve successful work, if we create more work, the more images you create and the more analytical you are about them, the better your work will become, do not just shoot for the point of shooting, shoot for a reason, if you are not moved by the thing that you see, how are you going to impress me.
Musicians and dancers practice for hours before a performance or just to learn a new movement or piece of music, why do photographers not practice the same, are we somehow better, I do not think so. Is it because of the instantaneous nature of photography, that we do not think we need to practice. What if we changed our mindset and started to look at a photo-shoot as a performance and practiced accordingly.

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