Friday, 23 June 2017

Last full day

 Yesterday was a very wet day here in Samoa. The rain eventually left us around 3pm so I went out and about for a walk armed with camera. I headed down the road to a place I had found some Samoan children a few days before and yes they were there again, once again playing in the water with total gay abandonment, not a care in the world. They seen me coming and came along the beach to meet me, Uncle they called me, in their best English, how are you. 
I spent the next 45 minutes watching and photographing these children play, the energy, the fun. Today is my last full day here in Samoa,what a great way to finish this trip spending it photographing these kids, no cellphones, no ipads, no technology, I let them look at the pictures I was taking on the back of my camera, they laughed with a laughter that will be hard to forget and as I think about it, it makes me smile. As I watched and photographed I tried to be quiet, to be part of this moment in time, to let the energy of these children infuse me. I have recently been reading a book where the author talks about a concept of looking with your ears and listening with your eyes, I think being with these children I achieved this. Now to practice seeing with my ears and listening with my eyes.

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